source: pli-images website

note: for those having dm500s and want to exploit those ART/Showtime keys, use mgcamd 1.25 to 1.27 as the new v1.30 does not work with it. these are pretty basic information but will get the newbies stumped and might go bald pulling their hairs out all night.

To find out more details on any Soft Cam listed on this page, remember google is your friend.

Here's a list of where to place what files for which emu on the DM500

* Newcamd
o Keys directory: /var/tuxbox/scce -keylist, ppua, constancw, rsakeylist, tpscrypt (/var/scce for versions < 6.01)
o Program files: /var/bin - newcamd, cardserv, cardspider, betadserv
o Config files: /var/tuxbox/config/newcamd - newcamd.conf, cardserv.cfg, betad.cfg (/var/tuxbox/config for versions < 6.02)
o AU files: /var/tuxbox/scce/ - nagrarom3.bin, nagraram3.bin, nagraepr3.bin, sttestrom3.bin, stmaprom3.bin, nagrarom7.bin, nagraram7.bin, nagraepr7.bin, nagrarom10.bin, nagraram10.bin, nagraepr10.bin, nagrarom11.bin, nagraram11.bin, nagraepr11.bin, rsakeylist (/var/scce for versions < 6.01)

o Keys directory: /var/keys - 'SoftCam.Key', seca2,nagra,via, '''''',conax
o Program files: /var/bin - scam
o Config files: /var/keys - softcam.cfg
o AU files: /var/keys/ - seca2 /nagra_rom

* Cam X
o Keys directory: /var/keys - 'SoftCam.Key'
o Program files: /var/bin - camx server
o Config files: /var/etc - camx.config
o AU files: var/keys/ - AutoRoll.key

* Evocamd
o Keys directory: /var/keys - Autoupdate.Key & Keylist.txt
o Program files: /var/bin - evocamd
o Config files: /var/keys - camd_cfg
o AU files: /var/keys - Autoupdate.Key, /var/scce/ - nagraepr3.bin, nagraepr7.bin, nagraepr10.bin, nagraepr11.bin, nagraram3.bin, nagraram7.bin, nagraram10.bin, nagraram11.bin, nagrarom3ext.bin

* Radegast
o Keys directory: /var/keys - SoftCam.Key & AutoRoll.key
o Program files: /var/bin - rdgd, camd.rdgd, netpilot
o Config files: /var/etc - radegast.cfg
o AU files: Need a patched driver for older conax cards

* Camd 3
o Keys directory: /var/keys - camd3.keys
o Program files: /var/bin - camd3, pcamd
o Config files: /var/keys - camd3.conf, camd3.config, camd3.servers, camd3.users,, camd3.conf only needed for older camd3
o AU files: /var/keys/ - seca_hash.bin, seca2_hash_0070.bin, seca2_mask_0070.bin, camd3.keys

* MGcamd
o Keys directory: /var/keys - SoftCam.Key, AutoRoll.key, tps
o Program files: /var/bin - mgcamd
o Config files: /var/keys - mg_cfg
o AU files:

* Xcamd
o Keys directory: /var/keys - Keys.txt, AutoRoll.key
o Program files: /var/bin - xcamd
o Config files: /var/etc - xcamd.conf
o AU files: /var/roms/ - eeprom10.bin, eeprom11.bin, eeprom3.bin, eeprom7.bin, ram_10.bin, ram_11.bin, ram_3.bin, ram_7.bin, rom10.rom, rom11.rom, rom3.rom, rom7.rom

* CCcam
o Keys directory: /var/keys - SoftCam.Key, AutoRoll.key,
o Program files: /var/bin - CCcam
o Config files: /var/etc - CCcam.cfg
o AU files: uknown

* The latest Cam X:
o Keys directory: /var/keys - SoftCam.Key
o Program files: /var/bin - camx(ng) + server(ng)
o Config files: /var/etc - camx.config
o AU files: var/keys/ - AutoRoll.key