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Thread: Kathrein!

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    Thumbs up Kathrein!

    Exista la ora aceasta vreo interfatza phonix prin usb sau altceva care sa mearga cardul tvr,sau max tv si,nu numai sa mearga , ca asa merge si prin diablo cam,dar sa il sharuiasca sa il d-ea mai departe,ca nu cred ca mgcamd de la kathrein vorbesc ,ar merge,ca la dream,poate la o noua imagine.Multumesc mult

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    Se pare ca exista o imagine de la polonezi PKT 1.05 care "stie" si Pheonix interface cu chipset-ul PL2003.

    Polish Kathi Team realesed a final version of their 1.05 image.
    Translated from Polish:
    In essence, a description of the same as the 1.0 POINT finall
    The most notable change as compared to the previous version - image is based on the SVN
    Using a card reader (phoenix + PL2303) is run at startup, you do not have anything to install.
    It works obrotnica - has a current list of channel у w + config to obrotnicy
    It works to exclude "the night to download EPG" - but there are some restrictions

    telnet root: kathrein
    ftp root: kathrein
    web root: pkteam
    IP [to change it go to Config and there is network file, open it and edit it]

    It, like all PKT images, has a nice Menu+FAV menu In polish but you can edit files and translate them.

    About it [translated from Polish]
    The default settings:
    DHCP enabled
    Handling obrotnicy disabled
    clock / Channel on VFD
    enabled web server on port 80
    usypianie drive off
    All of these parameters, you can see from the menu extra and web interface

    Installing image:
    > Retrieve archive
    > Pena USB format for FAT32
    > Wypakować content and archives and lost it on a USB Pena, along with catalogs. (For penie such a system should be kathrein -> ufs910 -> 5 image file
    > Turn the tuner with current podpiąć Pena into the USB socket
    > While key menu of the panel to enable kathi. Keep the menu button until the display caption UPDATE!
    > When you see END pull the penalty and look forward to launching the first tuner.

    Creating Copy:
    > Formatujemy Pena on FAT32, and it is broadcast BACKUP name, the name is very important!
    > Go to the Menu Extra -> Backup
    > Select the type of copy, and so

    Setting PHOENIX:
    Phoenixa drivers are loaded automatically when you start the kati, simply download any Emu: mgcamd, evocamd, camd3 (EMU is not included) and insert the card into the legal phoenixa in przejściówce USB - the RS PL2003 on the chip, and watch
    NOTE: when you switch from emu MENU EXTRA may happen zwiecha, after restart kati is OK. (Unfortunately, this wine camów, and so we do not have the impact)
    PS. As someone there is no need to use phoenixa, disable NEWCSA in Emu manager

    The structure of the menu extra:
    1 Information
    -- Setting Up tuner
    -- Information about network
    -- Information about the channel
    -- The state of memory
    -- Uptime
    -- Swap info
    2.Sharing center
    -- Restart EMU
    -- Key Update
    -- Get the keys Mgcadm/Camd3
    -- Get Keybundle
    -- Get SoftCam.Key
    -- Generate keys Star
    -- Get the keys from server AFF
    3.Sharing info
    -- Ecm info
    -- Pid info
    -- Emu info
    -- Statistics
    -- Peer config info
    4.Emu manager
    -- Remove download emu
    -- Stop emu
    -- Start Mgcamd
    -- Start Camd3
    -- Start Evocamd
    -- Start NEWCS
    -- Stop NEWCS
    5.Sleep Timer
    -- Create a copy / data
    -- Create a copy / kesy
    -- Create a copy / config
    -- A copy of the list
    -- Restore copies
    -- Remove copies
    -- IP address
    -- Gate
    -- DNS Server
    -- Network settings
    -- A test call
    -- CIFS mount
    -- DHCP
    -- DHCP ON
    -- DHCP OFF
    8.Ustawienia EPG
    -- Disable update EPG
    -- Enable update EPG
    -- EPG data entry / tmp
    -- Disable the recording of data EPG
    9.Wyświetlacz VFD
    -- Turn the clock
    -- Turn off the clock
    -- Clock / channel
    -- Only the clock
    -- Disable VDF
    -- Enable VFD
    -- VFD status
    10 Usypianie HDD
    -- Enable usypianie drive
    -- Turn off the drive usypianie
    -- Enable Web server
    -- Disable Web server
    -- No Port
    12.Addon Manager
    -- Get feespana
    -- Download additions to phoenixa
    -- Picview
    13.Ustawienia DiSEqC and obrotnicy
    -- Choose satellite
    -- Setting Up obrotnicy
    -- Auto turn Rotor
    -- Disable Auto Rotor
    -- Download the list and configi under Rptor
    14 Restart
    15 Update menu extra
    -- Update the menu extra
    -- Remove unnecessary files after update



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