One new SW transmitter on the air in Romania, the second one malfunctioning
August 4th

The website of Radio Romania International carries the following announcement:
On August 4th, at midnight (Romania’s time) or August 3rd at 21 hours GMT, the new 300 kW, short wave transmitters located in the locality of Galbeni started operating. The transmitters are the property of the National Radio Communications Company, RADIOCOM. We are waiting for your written feedback related to the quality of reception.

The old transmitters in Tiganesti will be decommissioned, to be replaced, in about 2 months’ time, with new 300 kW transmitters. Therefore, in the coming months, RRI’s broadcasts can be received on the same frequencies on which you have listened to our programmes so far and which we announced in mid May 2008.

RADIOCOM has given a warning though, that, given the complexity of the radiant system and of the new automatic switch system, the functioning of the new short wave transmitters in Galbeni might be interrupted. We will notify you about these possible interruptions as soon as we get news of it from our colleagues at RADIOCOM.

In fact, only one of the two new transmitters is functioning normally. Shortly after publishing this item, a follow-up message was posted on the RRI website. See the first comment on this item (from Glenn Hauser) for details.

(Source: Radio Romania International )