TEN Sports - the 6 year old sports channel, has shifted its distribution and network platform to Zee Turner India Pvt Ltd, a unit of the Zee group. The channel was launched in India by Modi Entertainment Network. Three years later, distribution shifted to The One Alliance, on a 3 year contract. in this time frame, Zee acquired a stake in TEN Sports, with an option to increase its stake, effectively taking over the channel.

TEN Sports ads a much needed premium sports channel to the Zee Turner bouquet, which currently has the largest number of channels:

Zee Turner : 33 Channels
Star Den : 24 Channels
One Alliance : 19 Channels

The Zee turner bouquet also has a strong regional presence. The bouquet includes 5 No-1 and 7 No-2 channels - in their respective genres. (TAM data for wk 20, 200

Zee Turner's bouquet includes Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Cartoon Network, Pogo, and several premium regional channels.

Rukin Kizibash, general manager of Taj Television India Pvt Ltd, TEN Sport's parent company, said the channel enjoys the highest viewership share in the Sports genre and has done so for a over 4 years in a row now. "As far as Indian cricket is concerned, viewers can look forward to the India tour of Sri Lanka (Idea Cup) that kicks off in mid July," he added.