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    Default Lan Streaming pentru DVB Dream

    Cum se poate face Lan Streaming pe DVB Dream si VLC Player, am incercat ceva care era explicat pe net dar nu a fost indeajuns de explicit pentru a reusi sa fac asta. Multumesc mult de ajutor.

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    Am gasit asta pe net...poate te ajuta:

    Here are the settings I successfully used to stream video from from my PC at home to my work.

    I'll call the machine at home the server and work machine the client.

    Software needed on the client:
    - VLC (free)

    Software needed on the server:
    - VLC
    - TSReader (full version $99) or DVBDream 1.3a (free) or other DVB viewers that have LAN streaming options.

    Server settings:

    DVBDream is easier than TSReader to initially get going but once TSReader is set up it is virtually automatic.

    DVBDream: LAN Streaming-> port 1234
    VLC: Open Network stream UDP/RTP port 1234,
    Stream/Save enabled with the following transcoding settings,
    HTTP enabled, address=<server IP> Port=8080 - in my case <server IP> is
    Encapsulation= MPEG TS (but you can use others such as ASF which might even be better)
    Video codec enabled= mp4v Bitrate=64kbps Scale=0.5
    Audio codec enabled= mp4a Bitrate=16kbps Channels=2
    You can also select the play locally option to view what you are streaming.
    Exit out of all those VLC dialogs and you are now streaming from DVBDream.

    For TSreader you must copy the text from the VLC Stream output MRL box to one of the TSReader VLC Configurations "Command" under Playback->VLC-> Settings with the addition of the text <IP> in front. i.e. under VLC Configuration 2 copy
    the following text:

    <IP>:sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,vb=64,scale=0.5 , acodec=mp4a,ab=16,channels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{ac cess=http,mux=ts,dst=}}

    where will be replaced with the server IP address you put in the HTTP line earlier. Exit VLC. VLC will be started via the TSReader Playback interface once you are tuned to the channel you wish to stream i.e. <Ctrl>+1.

    If you have a local router with NAT between you and your cable/adsl modem you will have to figure out how to enable port forwarding on it to pass data on port 8080 to the IP of the server. In my case I forward port 8080 UDP and TCP to address server IP). You should also take a look at what the WAN IP Address assigned by your internet service provider to your router is.

    You must also either turn off any port blocking software on your server such as the Windows firewall or Norton or stop blocking ports 1234 and 8080.

    Once the channel is tuned on either DVBDream or TSReader and VLC is running with above options on the server, go to the client machine either with a remote login via VNC or Remote Desktop Client (WinXP Pro) or physically (Drive to work?).
    Open VLC->File->Open->Network Stream->HTTP <server IP or WAN IP>:8080

    Remember to use the WAN IP if you have a NAT router at home.

    Heavily compressed video should come up in a little window. Once you have the basics working you can fiddle with the compression settings to get the best picture.

    You also don't necessarily need to use the same ports I did (1234 or 8080).

    For those without a DVB-S card you can also use VLC alone to stream from a USB or IEEE 1394 capture device to your client PC. I've done this using the composite video output of my Pansat 3500. The steps are quite similar.

    I'm sure there are many other ways of doing this but this worked for me.

    Good luck.
    (19E+13E+5E+1W)*(H-H)@1m + SS2/TeViiS660 + DigiBox + AKTA on 42LD650 3GS



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