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    Default In desperate need for a Philanthropic Guru...

    Hey All !

    I live in Dubai and I recently bought an OPENSAT S1000 with which I was able to watch whatever I felt like for cheap… It worked perfectly for 2 weeks but then I lost the connection with the server on the Net and now I’m limited to the free non encrypted Arabic channels…

    The configuration I’m left with is BT: 1.34 SW: v1.33.1 K: 89 which does not decrypt anything anymore, do not let me connect to any other server than the one hard coded in the software, nor decode IRDETO2. I have heard of a SW 1.40 and K 91 which might solve the problem. Anyone knows more about it or can send me the files?

    Otherwise, I’m pretty much ready to trash my old (not so old) Opensat for a new model… So I’m looking for a new receiver who will do the job with a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of headache…

    I live in a building where I can receive, from a single plug:
    09.0 E Eurobird 9
    13.0 E Hotbird
    25.5 E Eurobird 2
    26.0 E Badrc, 3, 4, c
    56.0 E Bonum1
    60.0 E Intelsat904_C
    07.0 W Nilesat 101/102
    08.0 W Atlantic B2
    22.0 W NSS7_C

    From what I understand, and I’m brand new in the field, if I want to watch SH0WT1ME I need IRDETO2, HB0 ->MGD, AND B1S -> VIACCESS. What about ART or ORBIT?

    Also by now I think I understood that for a minimum of headache I should opt for a model with either a RS232 or USB connector and no one getting its stuff from a server on the Net as well as popular to guarantee that firms will be easily available. Right?

    I had a look at receivers mainly with HDMI connection thinking that hat might improve the quality of the picture over the traditional White, Red and Yellow connectors, even if the signal is not HD. Am I right?

    Regardless of the receiver:
    1/ Will I be able to plug the thing and start to watch TV directly or will I have to “flash” it to “open” it? I’m thinking about SH0WT1ME, ART, 0RBIT, B1S, H8O…
    2/ Are all receivers allow Card sharing? If not what should I see on the box when a receiver allows it?

    The DREAMBOX family:
    1/ Is it really the most flexible and powerful?
    2/ Which model should I choose?
    3/ Where can I find the firms?

    HUMAX HDCI 2000 or KAON KSC S660 HD:
    1/ Are they any good?
    2/ Which one should I go for?
    3/ It seem that all receivers are a clone of another one. Which family those two belong to?
    4/ Where to find the latest firms? Is one easier to find than the other one?

    Well I’m still hoping to transform that big black box hanging on my wall back to a TV soon but being brand new in the field all that really sounds “Chinese” (no ofense) to me o if anyone has a spare minute to help it would be greatly appreciated…

    All the best

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    Get DM 8000 or 800 as they have component video out & are Hi def STB, as for the other questions I am not familiar.

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    Default SOme tips

    I would recommend that you go for a Dreambox with a HD option. Dreamboxes are excellent when it comes to card sharing and very reliable.

    YOu could go for a pay server to get you the packages that you want or you can try either for a free server



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