Predator325/360/368(Dragon/T-Rex)/Predasarus228(T-Rex)Biss/CCW-Latest:AES(360 Only),SexonTV 9E/13E CCWs,RTVi 13E CCWs 19/7
19/07/08 RTVi 13E CCWs - thx d.j.carusso
19/07/08 Sex on TV 9E/13E CCWs - thx Rocknroll
(8 Biss Channels Removed to make room in these versions)
19/07/08 ABSat AES for 19/7 to 21/7, two day file added to Predator360 (RTL9, XXL, AB Motors etc see txt file inside zip) - thx hassanclasse/MascreTeam
18/07/08 AKTA (prev MAXtv) 16E CCWs (TV1000, VH-1 Europe, Via Explorer/History, Discovery World/Science/Travel, Zone Reality) - thx Svirac
Note: File is named after last update done, this does not (especially in the case of channels opened with Control Words {CCWs}) mean the channel/package named will open, please read info in this thread and on the forum as to what is currently open
*NB Predasarus2.28 is for T-Rex CAM Only, but you can load Predator3.68, 3.60 or 3.25 onto your T-Rex, tested 100% ok.
Predator Older Versions: 325 & 360
(These are not the latest Predator - latest are Predasarus228 & Predator36
325: There is no Biss or CCW channels in this version and the only Nagra2 package open in this version is RSC DigiTV. But 19.2E Canal+ NL channels TraceTV, Motors, Sailing Ch & Mezzo are open.
360: There are no Nagra2 packages open in this version. But 19.2E Canal+ NL & TV Vlaanderen channels TraceTV, Motors, Sailing Ch & Mezzo are open along with TV Vlaanderen's 19.2E FRANCE2 to 5, also opens ABSat* when the latest ABSat AES keys are added to it.
* King of Sat no longer shows RTL9 as a ABSat channel but RTL9 opens with the AES

Please remember to use the right files. Predator files can be used on any Dragon/T-Rex, but if you have a T-Rex 4.6 you might want to use a updated Predasarus file.
Dragon CAM = Predator files Only.
T-Rex 4.5 = Predator/Predasaur files (but no Security Update feature)
T-Rex 4.6 = Predator/Predasaur files (with Security Update feature)