ealghalib wrote :

I never said I wanted to stop this. I have no interest in it working or not as I pay for my Showtime like the majority of people and don't suffer such inconveniences. I have to remain objective. My goal is not to stop it, my goal is simply to inform.

But....it is ILLEGAL in the eyes of the authorities. I repeat ILLEGAL. Just as illegal as stealing a Showtime access card from the Showtime booth at Marina Mall when the attendant is not looking.

If what you think you are doing is totally legal, why don't you want to meet me ? I am very interested in your perspective and how you justify getting something the rest of us have to pay Dh1200 a year for nothing.
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My reply to Ealghalib before it is buried under 86,633 postings on the linksat

I read your posting with interest. I am an outsider so my comment is purely that of an observer. I must say I sympathise with all these people buying the linksat and similar models in the Gulf states.. Think about it ...in the last two years their income in Gulf currencies, linked to the plummeting US dollar which they receive for a lot of hard work labouring under the intense sun of the Gulf states, has plummeted by up to a third in value . In the same period rents in most UAE states have doubled or tripled and to cap it off the cost of basic foodstuffs has rocketed in the case of rice wheat and many other basic foodstuffs needed to survive.
Inflation now averages 10 percent in GCC countries according to official figures .

You are a reporter on a wealthy Abu Dhabi newspaper enjoying a high income.
Can you not see all around you how these Gulf foreign workers are suffering ?
Many of them indeed watch their tv through their linksat without paying a subscription to Showtme/ Pehli/Orbit or whatever . So what ? What have the owners of Showtime lost ? Nothing ! Not a dirham or a dime as they could never have afforded the subscription anyway. You prefer them to sit at home twiddling their fingers and worry beads ?
Theft you say. Well to my mind theft ..as defined in English law..is depriving the owner of something permanently. What have the owners of Showtime been deprived off, tell me .
It appears the Gulf providers are NOT blocking the signal. Good for them. The Arab owners probably realise that allowing these hard up hard working labourers to continue watching their favorite programs provides an excellent safety valve and permits them to stay on in the Gulf and work even harder for their meagre wages.
Think about it my journalist friend. Or are you worried about losing your own job should you not follow the fictitious 'theft of tv line .