I'm trying to setup my DM500 to watch streaming video using the VLCF front end plugin and the VLCF player. I want to watch TVU player on my tv instead of on my computer.

There IP is
I turn on tvu player then open vlcf player and put in the ip and port in the http box then the tvu channel starts to play on the player.
Then I save the play list to my computer.
Then I run the plug in on the db and it says there is no sever.

I edited the vlcf.xml file correctly and point it to a shared folder on my pc.
I opened the ports on my router.

I can't think of anything else. My vlcf plug in just won't see the pc.
I have a shared directory that is succesfully mounted with cifs so I know my db can see my computer.

I'm using the lates gemini and ccam