.NU Domain to launch numbers-only domain names

.NU Domain, the registry for numbers-only domain names, will begin accepting registration of numeric domain names on 10 June.

Numeric Names Service will have two price-classes for numbers-only domain names. A Premium Numeric Name consisting of just 3 characters (like 212.nu) will cost €100/year and a Standard Numeric Name consisting of any combination of numbers and hyphens up to 63 characters long will cost €30/year. Domains will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Names that are five numeric characters long, and certain other numeric names of high public or private interest, including 411.nu, 888.nu and others, will not be released for registration during the 10 June landrush period. .NU Domain says it will make them available for registration at a later time.

(Source: Digital Media Europe)