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    Quote Originally Posted by anishpsla View Post
    Please read thease posts. Only today I found this. I didn't try to find anyother posts.

    The content of these posts have no value for this thread. But you can see instead of I2E's id, We can only see ******2engineer because of restriction in usage names of encryption system. Maybe soon we lost the ID 2engineer.

    We can also can't upload images if it's file name is . Please see the file name first I tried with the correct file name. But the software didn't sccept. So I change the file name to something like this Irda0235toeto.JPG

    I don't know why this happen. We didn't discuss about how these systems can hack or crack or find keys. Then why this happen May be soon we can see stars on recivers. Because of restriction. So friends use the methode I developed to post encryption system names. It can only remove by mods. If all members use this like then the mods have good job to remove all or they simply ignore it.

    Not sure what you are trying to say,
    Its something very old which you have realised now I guess.

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    That's why we call him I2E "petal"
    regards from OZ bassett

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    I2E's username was censored long time back. No one taliking anything useful about any encryptions here. Let him be censored



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