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    Default Piraterie la nivel inalt

    ia cititi aici cu ce se ocupa rupert murdocea .

    Daca cineva poate sa posteze traducerea in engleza chiar va rog :

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    Quote Originally Posted by miloo View Post
    ia cititi aici cu ce se ocupa rupert murdocea .

    Daca cineva poate sa posteze traducerea in engleza chiar va rog :
    pentru cä textul era prea lung am apelat la altavista translater:

    Million-process around cracked maps employed a company of the medium billionaire Rupert Murdoch for many years hackers, in order to crack coding technology of the competition? And is the mysterioese death citizens of Berlin of the hacker "Tron" connected with the case? From FOCUS editor franc Fleschner since 9 April negotiates a US court in Santa Ana, California, a case, which Hollywood authors could themselves have invented hardly more excitingly and more disturbing. It concerns industrial espionage and cracked Pay TV maps. Into the thing complicated computer hackers and an earlier are COMM other the British kriminalpolizei Scotland yard. On the witness list a former vice-boss of the Israeli secret service Shin stands prays and it goes around a compensation sum of 101 million dollar, which the plaintiffs demand after a report of the US magazine "Wired" from the accused one of, which could increase however in the course of the process on several hundred million. ABOUT InterNet TV: Like the television in the net premiere moves: New coding against hacker premiere: Murdoch occupies supervisory board again premiere: Pay TV with new receiver? Premiere: "the sport sportschau is so well dead" new technologies: Projection/lead by PornoIm center of the reproaches stands the British-Israeli company NDS, which is one of the largest offerers for coding systems of Pay TV programs and who belong by the majority to the Medienimperium of Rupert Murdochs company news Corp.. 75 million Smart Cards with NDS technology are world-wide in the use. Few days ago only the German paying television premiere (of the Murdoch possesses a portion of 22,7 per cent) decided for NDS - among other things probably, because the momentarily used system Nagravision is cracked. Ten thousands spectators can at present see all premiere channels at minimum technical expenditure free. CD Player full-plugged with dollar notes According to the 128-seitigen klageschrift, the FOCUS on-line one is present, is to have paid NDS 1997 "the world-wide most notorious hackers", so that they crack coding systems of the competition Nagrastar. In the Israeli Haifa the specialists a Hightech laboratory is to have been furnished at that time, in which they could clear away micro layers of the opposing Smart Cards, in order to analyze the assigned electronic circuits and decode the system. NDS let falsified entrance maps for the American Pay TV operator echo star subsequently, manufacture, with whom its program could be looked at free of charge, and it over a Canadian InterNet side sells. There also the decoded code is to have been published. Nagrastar and echo star are plaintiffs now together in the civil proceedings against NDS. User averaging authorities possibly came in the year 2000 a part of the alleged conspiracy on the trace. According to "Wired" they found in Texas packages with DVD- and CD Playern from Canada, in which altogether 40,000 was dollar hidden. The hacker Christopher Tarnovsky in California is to have gotten similar packages obviously daily over the stopover Texas. Tarnovsky worked at that time as an engineer for NDS. Illustre staff with NDS "Wired" calls citizens of Berlin of the hacker Boris F. alias "Tron" in connection with the case also the name. It was found in October 1998 erhaengt in a park - four days after it the dwelling of its parents had left, in order to go home. Around its mysterioesen death, which was officially clarified and arranged as self selbsttoetung, numerous speculations and conspiracy theories climbed. Fact is that that at that time 26-jaehrige Tron valley-animal-test as one experts to TV Verschluesselungstechnik applied. In its possession the police found a correspondence with NDS. The enterprise had obviously offered a job, which the hacker however probably rejected to the citizen of Berlin. At all NDS met a illustre staff at this time. As a safety specialist the busy enterprise among other things a former officer of the US naval secret service, the former vice-boss of the Israeli secret service Shin pray and the ex-Scotland-yard-Commander Ray Adam. Dubious connections of the process-taken part The latter could play a completely special role during the process. On record it is that in the year 2002, when it should leave straight NDS the non removable disk of his Notebooks from the car was stolen from him. Whereupon 26,000 sides with confidential NDS information are to have been. The explosive information took which way afterwards, upon it can be only speculated. Anyhow itself Nagrastar and echo star can now during the process apart from statements of TV Piraten also on secret enamels of NDS responsible persons, who are to occupy all reproaches. The plaintiffs want to have received the letters from different sources. NDS will probably dismiss the documents as falsifications. The dubious connections of the process-taken part shake anyhow the judge. How "Wired" reports, David O. Carter showed up with beginning of procedure very anxiously that the entire case depends on the statements relevantly well-known right crusher, which was paid from both sides. He guessed the contractors to a comparison, so that their Reputation is not damaged. Observers consider such an exit however improbable
    adevärul este inventia unui mincinos



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