I_R_D_E_T_O supports Common Interface Plus(CI+)

Content and business model protection specialist I_R_D_E_T_O has announced its support for the Common Interface Plus (CI+) specification with a new CI+ conditional access module (CAM) planned for commercial availability by year’s end, after the CI+ Forum completes the final specification.

The CI specification interconnects a CAM and a DTV receiver so that any encryption system can be used in the receiver. CI+ strengthens the original specification to combat piracy and enforce a relationship of trust between the host and the smart card. The enhanced security within the CI+ specification allows broadcast operators to deploy smart cards and CAMs that can be used with any retail set-top box or IDTV that supports the standard, giving consumers a wider range of choice in receiver equipment.

Doug Lowther, senior vice president of sales and marketing for I_R_D_E_T_O, said that many of Irdeto’s conditional access customers preferred the advantages of a retail distribution strategy, which could give lower costs, more choice for consumers, and greater involvement from the equipment manufacturers, who compete with one another on price, functionality and innovation.

The ongoing global switch from analogue to digital broadcast has created a growing market for CAMs as IDTVs integrate CI slots as a standard feature to accommodate encrypted broadcast signals. In the European Union, a mandate has already been passed requiring all new IDTVs to include a CI slot to receive digital terrestrial TV (DTT) broadcasts.

Members of the CI+ Forum include Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Neotion and SmarDTV. The group is currently establishing a compliance regime to enable CI+ deployment within DTV receivers and CAMs.

(Source: ATV's News)