Blinkx enters broadband TV market
April 2, 2008

Blinkx has become the latest player to enter the broadband TV market. The San Francisco company best known for its online video search engine has launched BBTV linking its speech and visual recognition technology with a library of independent films and other content. It says that by fusing TV and other video with the web, Blinkx BBTV will enable users to browse or interact with other sources, such as Google, Wikipedia, IMDB, or other sources offering relevant information.

“Broadband Internet connections are fast enough today that with the right technology, it’s possible to deliver an experience that’s equal in quality to television,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of Blinkx.
Enevitably Blinkx BBTV requires another download, though the company stresses that its size is just 1.8 MB.

The application’s features include speech-based navigation, full screen TV, clickable video and automatic web linking. The system uses the Microsoft Digital Rights Management and Windows 2000/XP is required.

(Source: Broadband TV News)