am gasit pe forum la AAF

tradus cu google translate:

AAF image 1.4a for UFS910

AAF 1.4a Kathrein image only as Flash version

Not as BA image

Once again, all changes at a glance to the AAF 1.4a Kathrein Image:

BA fixed chroot (for Telnet and FTP lands man in the BA-mounted Image)
BA basic configuration already included in the Flash image (. / update deleted after flash)
BA menu items adjusted (as now with bainit 11 of the stick must be mounted)
Different text changes (umlauts, etc.)
In the recording Webif plan fixed
Webif LiveOSD fixed Key 2
Boxer ID off newBox variable can be set manually again
DHCP is disabled as default
Error in backup (+ directory kahtrein with films, record runs forever) resolved
Version number in OSD + Webif hochgedreht
VFD Uhrauswahl, display icons in the menu now off Uhrauswahl
Epg update fixed, but only suitable for Flash!
Font can gewecheselt OSD (Arial, Bimini)