Commission endorses DVB-H standard

The European Commission has added the digital video broadcasting handheld (DVB-H) standard to the EU list of standards, which serves as a basis for encouraging the harmonised provision of telecommunications across the EU.

The addition of DVB-H is a new step towards establishing a single market for mobile TV in Europe that will enable all EU citizens to watch TV on the move.

After publication of the Commission decision in the EU List of Standards in the EU's Official Journal, Member States will be required to encourage the use of DVB-H. This clear support to the DVB family of standards is also an important signal given to third countries about to take a decision on the technology for digital and mobile broadcasting, using DVB-T, DVB-H and DVB-SH.

DVB-H is currently the most widely used standard for mobile TV in the EU. DVB-H is currently between trials and commercial launch in 16 countries. Commercial DVB-H services are already available in Italy, with further launches expected later this year notably in Finland, Austria, France, Switzerland and Spain.

(Source: Digital Media Europe)