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nemesis EMU pack


Merci de info ..., "EDG-NEMESIS 3.2 for DM7020" a fost pe locul 2 la stabilitate dupa PLi ... am sa o pun la loc de cinste alaturi de Gemini si PLi

sau link-ul: http://xario.t35.com/

sau add-on extra_url.rar - 0.00MB

modelli 7000-500-56x0
File extra.url da inserire in var/etc

modelli 600-7020
File extra.url da inserire in /etc

1 > Download and unzip [ Extra.url ]
2 > FTP [extra.url ] Into var/etc
3 > Reboot Dreambox
4 > Click on the Blue Button[addons ] ? Now Click on [ Download extra ] This Will Connect to Server
5 > Now You Will be Into The extra Settings ? You Want [ Emulator ] Press the Right Button next to the [ OK ] On your remote control? This will jump you over to which Emu you want to Download ? Press What you Want, It will then , ask you iff you want to Install. Press the green button [ Yes ] Do This for All Emus you want to Install ?

6 > Reboot Dreambox Again
pina acum un singur bug a fost remarcat la canalele ce au caracterul "&"