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The latest version of TuxTxt is 1.87 and was released on 4 Jul 2005. This release adds (partial) Level 2.5 support.

TuxTxt can be installed as a plugin by extracting the ZIP file and by putting and tuxtxt.cfg in /var/tuxbox/plugins and all the other files in in /var/tuxtxt. Please don't forget to CHMOD 755 both tuxtxt.cfg and!

Dreambox 7020 users have to copy and tuxtxt.cfg to /usr/lib/tuxbox/plugins/ and all the other files to /usr/tuxtxt/. Also, add ln -s /usr/tuxtxt /var/ to the startup script which can be found in /etc/init.d/ Last but not least, create a directory called /etc/tuxbox/config/.