BIG GBOX SERVER I:2 (distance 2) need to strenght only this providers
01x 0500 021900 BHT Bosnia TV (16E/12W) 01x 0D06 04 ITV Partner PP (16E/39E) 02x 0500 020000 TPS (13E) 02x 0500 020900 Globecast (13E/7E/5W) 02x 0500 021B00 Deepam (13E) 02x 0500 022A00 Eurosport (13E/10E/7E) 02x 0500 022E00 Neovisne TV Hayat (13E/4W) 02x 091F Total TV (16E) 02x 0D02 A0 UPC Direct (19E) 03x 0100 0030 RAI (13E) 03x 0100 0084 Numericable (13E/19E) 03x 0D22 04 tividi (19E) 04x 0500 020010 TPS (13E) 04x 0500 020800 AB Sat (19E/13E) 05x 0500 020810 AB Sat (19E/13E/5W) 06x 0919 SKY Italia (13E)
Need only locals (not necessary) and peers with this cards in PM give me statistics on local and dis1 and what of this cards You have THANKS