Canal+ On Demand launches today

On Tuesday, March 11, Canal+ will launch an on-demand service called ‘Canal+ ŕ la demande’.

It will be available to all subscribers to the Canal+ Le Bouquet (which comprises Canal+, Canal+ Cinéma, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Décalé, Canal+ Hi-tech and Canal+ Family) and can be accessed by a PC online. The service has already been tested with a number of selected subscribers.

‘Canal+ ŕ la demande’ will initially only offer movies, American series, French drama, documentaries and all programmes that are broadcast in the ‘open window’. The programmes will be available up to a month after the original broadcast. Sports will only be available for a limited period of time due to rights issues.

There is no additional charge for the service, but the monthly price of Le Bouquet has been increased with 1.10 euro.

(Source: Broadband TV News)