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    Default REPLY!!! Where i can get this Buffered JTAG INTERFACE ?

    I want to JTAG my Fortec Star Lifetime Receiver , so for this purpose i need a Buffered JTAG Interface as shown below :

    I am in LAHORE , so any pakistani brother can tell me from where i can get this in HALL ROAD etc ?


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    Hello Friends,


    What is Jtag .......................

    jKeys is a program primarily used to access memory on IRDs. It works by utlizing processor diagnostic devices via the JTAG port. This software has been used on STMicroelectronics STiXXXX (ST20 based core) and LSI SC2000 processors.
    jKeys supports a new device called jInterface. This device connects to a PC using the serial port as opposed to the parallel port. It uses a microcontroller to perform the majority of JTAG communications, removing the burden from the PC. In doing so it alleviates many of the problems associated with poor timing and electrical characteristics exhibited by computers. It provides buffering and standard level signals at consistent clock rates to provide stable and reliable reads/writes. It is completely hands free, and with the exception of 2 simple removable adapters, is configured totally by jKeys operation.


    - works on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP
    - auto detects STMicroelectronics ST20 base processors and LSI SC2000
    (ST micros STi5500, STi5505, STi5508, STi5510, STi5518, ST20-TP2, ST20-TP4, ST20-GP6) (LSI micro SC2000).
    - auto detects most Echostar IRDs (2700, 2800, 3700, 3800, 3900, 4700, 4900, 501/5100, 301/3100, 6000)
    - for IRDs detected, automatically read IRD number, Box Keys, Build Config, Model ID, Boot Strap and Software version
    - works on several DTV IRDs (DRD420RE, DRD431RG, DRD220)
    - for all IRDs known by jKeys, base memory flash configuration is provided
    - allows flash reads for non-16 bit wide memory layouts
    - reads memory and saves to file
    - parallel port diagnostics


    - Development Panel (STi based mostly)
    - check and adjust EMI configuration registers
    - trap read/write byte, word ,dword
    - DCU Peek/Poke
    - EJTAG DMA Read/Write (SC2000)
    - upload user's function, pass arguments, trigger function , read back values
    - Passive Trap (STiXXXX)

    Flash Programming (STi and LSI)

    - auto detects flash memory (shows base, size, mfg/dev codes, manufacturer and part number)
    (29F400BT, 29DL323T, 29F400BB, 29LV160DT/DB, M29F400T, M29W800AT, 28F320/J5/J3A/S3/S5, 28F160, 28F800B/B5-B)
    - user specified base address for manually detecting flash memory
    - blank check prior to write (STi only)
    - read/erase/program complete flash/sector

    - EEPROM Programming
    - now reads/writes to I2C EEPROM via JTAG


    Farukh Khawaja



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