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Thread: Zvon dezmintit

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    Default Zvon dezmintit

    BL a dezmintit pe zvonul ca ar fi fost arestat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurentiu1 View Post
    BL a dezmintit pe zvonul ca ar fi fost arestat.
    nici nu trebuia sa zica ceva pentruca a scos binul nou in aceeiasi zi cind televizorul nu mergea de loc, ori cum se pare ca provaiderii au scos zvonurii

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    asta e din sectiunea Zvonacul si raspandacul...

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    Quote Originally Posted by callatis View Post
    asta e din sectiunea Zvonacul si raspandacul...
    hahaha....trebuie sa mai fie si bagati in seama nu?

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    Zvonacii vin de afara. Eu nu stiu sa fi spus nimeni pe site-ul acesta ca B-kakalist a fost arestat.
    Insa documentele sint absolut reale iar BK poate sa spuna orice - creduli sint destui. Dovezi?
    Unii inca cred ca sulica frinaru o sa scoata full emu.
    Faptul ca fix a aparut imediat nu dovedeste nimic. Cit mai rezista aia e important.
    Nici nu a fost dificil de data asta. Majoritatea receiverelor au scos o solutie in citeva ore iar receiverele mai serioase n-au cazut deloc. ECM-ul providerilor a fost ceva minor.

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    Un pic de abureala da la BL.
    Gurile rele zic ca his English is too good to be really him. Voua cum va suna la ureche, prin comparatie cu ce s-a postat mai inainte?

    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» ««« Thanks For The "Op's" Future-BoT »»»
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» Hey Guys
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» lol
    [11:25pm]« Cuetip » hello BL[11:25pm]« FtaMan » bl hey
    [11:25pm] <pacific101> What's Up BlackList
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» hows everyone
    [11:25pm] FtaMan sets mode: +m
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» I heared
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» news about my self beeing[11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» Busted
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» its allover
    [11:25pm]«@ Blacklist» He He
    [11:25pm]« Cuetip » lol
    [11:26pm] <pacific101> Laughing Out Loud
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» Be happy
    [11:26pm]« FtaMan » indeed busted that rumor
    [11:26pm]«+ westernohiopc » hey bl... how are you
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» no one busted
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» BE HAPPY!
    [11:26pm]«+ ROLEX » lgood lol
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» wait for more
    [11:26pm]«+ westernohiopc » We have all been defending you all night to all the idiots
    [11:26pm] <pacific101> except your butt from working so hard
    [11:26pm]« FtaMan » we have faith BL
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» cool
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» so just came to say
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» everything is cool
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» no one is busted
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» be happy
    [11:26pm]« FtaMan » thanx so much
    [11:26pm]« Mr-Imacdaddy » hey prich how about something newier that thing is old man
    [11:26pm]«@ Blacklist» tell everyone to shut up
    [11:27pm]« FtaMan » lol
    [11:27pm]«@ hwy101» we do
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» if I dont come here doesnt mean I am busted
    [11:27pm]« FtaMan » yes sir
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» Be Happy
    [11:27pm]« Cuetip » I'll tell them whats up BL lol
    [11:27pm]«+ Blaksmith » Blacklist
    [11:27pm]«+ westernohiopc » Thanks on the update
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» just wait for new sollution
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» always
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» TRUE FTA
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist»
    [11:27pm]«+ westernohiopc » is it full emu dude?
    [11:27pm]«+ westernohiopc » that is lengthy... i have heard
    [11:27pm]« Sgt » ty bl
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» westernohiopc Yes this is Full emu DUDE!
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist»
    [11:27pm]«@ Blacklist» Dont kick him please
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist»
    [11:28pm]«+ westernohiopc »
    [11:28pm] <pacific101> Laughing Out Loud
    [11:28pm]« Sgt »
    [11:28pm]« Cuetip » NOiCE!
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» let everyone talks what they feel to
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
    [11:28pm]« FtaMan » BL is da man
    [11:28pm] <pacific101> we got your back BlackList
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» no hates to each other
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» give us little more time
    [11:28pm]« FtaMan » oh yea we got ur back
    [11:28pm]«@ Astrodude» hopefully now all the whiners will sit up and listen
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» almost done what I promised to people
    [11:28pm]« Mr-Imacdaddy » good evening mr blacklist
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
    [11:28pm]«@ Blacklist» Thanks all
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» and be happy
    [11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » I have been telling people that and that was why pansat is better ... we are getting a full emu,,, and they arent,,, lol
    [11:29pm]« FtaMan » no thank u bl
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» be back online real soon
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist»
    [11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » THANK U
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» I am super busy
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist»
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» BRB ALL
    [11:29pm]«+ ROLEX » thanks Blacklist for all the years
    [11:29pm]«@ hwy101» well I am smoking a pipe and I am real happy
    [11:29pm] <pacific101> Okay back to work for you BlackList
    [11:29pm]«+ Ashley » Thanks for stopping in..
    [11:29pm]Joins: JavaUser ([email protected]) «415 users »
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» sure
    [11:29pm]« Sgt » •hwy101• pas it...
    [11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » NICE GUY
    [11:29pm]« Rattis » Now Online.. FTA Radio Tune In - Now Streaming for Winamp & Windows Media Player. Join #FTA-Radio For Requests & Apply To Become A DJ
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» it was getting bigger bullshit
    [11:29pm]« FtaMan » thanx again bl ur hard work is very appreciated
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» "_
    [11:29pm]« Sgt » •hwy101• pass it...
    [11:29pm]«+ Blaksmith » Blacklist, take all the time you need to get the code right
    [11:29pm] * Cuetip Agrees with ROLEX
    [11:29pm]«@ Blacklist» I was thinking its right to come
    [11:29pm]«@ Astrodude» there you have it people, straight from the source
    [11:29pm]«+ westernohiopc » gonna go post this on my site... brb
    [11:30pm]« Cuetip » thanks Blacklist for all the years
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» and makesure everyone is back on their own rumors"_"
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» Bye all be happy
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» soon real soon
    [11:30pm]« Cuetip » it's been along run, and it's still not over!
    [11:30pm]«+ Ashley » I am sure the MODS appreciate it saves them a great deal of work
    [11:30pm]« FtaMan » bye
    [11:30pm]« Cuetip »
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» I will done what I promised
    [11:30pm]«@ Astrodude» hey Blacklist, tell them to go listen to #fta-radio while you and your team are done
    [11:30pm]« Cuetip » c ya
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» Have fun
    [11:30pm] <pacific101> laterz BlackList
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» enjoy your stay
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist»
    [11:30pm]«@ Blacklist» Thanks
    [11:30pm]«@ mola» thx bl, ftaman, taking the +m off?
    [11:30pm]Parts: Blacklist

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    mie imi suna a BL, engleza lui este la fel ca si inainte...)



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