Sahara One Media and Entertainment Ltd plans to launch five channels including one in the Bengali language within the next six months.
"We will be widening our channel offerings. We are launching five channels over the next six months. One of them will be in the Bengali language space," said Sahara One Media and Entertainment CEO Seemanto Roy while declining to provide further details.
Sahara was addressing the press to announce the launch of Firangi, the world TV channel dubbed in Hindi.
Firangi will kick off on 25 February with three hours of original programming. This will add to Sahara's existing bouquet of Hindi general entertainment channel Sahara One and movie channel Filmy. The group also runs a clutch of Hindi and region and city-specific channels.
The channel will have two prime bands - from 5 pm to 8 pm for building in loyal audiences and a repeat at 9 pm till midnight for working men and women. The channel aims to get core viewers in the age group 20-44 years.
"The early prime time band is not fragmented and we can build up loyalty for our content. The 9-12 pm slot is the time when maximum viewers watch TV and it is the best time to get people to sample the channel," said Firangi business head Rajeev Chakrabarti.
For starters, Firangi will show Lalola, a popular comedy series from Argentina, America from Brazil and Second Chance from Columbia. Each of them will have a time run of one hour.
Lalola will be telecast at 5 pm and a repeat at 9 pm. America will be shown at 6 pm (repeat at 10 pm) and Second Chance at 7 pm (repeat at 11 pm).
The strategy for two time bands was arrived at after analysis of the viewing habits of Hindi serial viewers, especially those who watch dubbed content.
Chakrabarti said, "We have addressed the often ignored quality of dubbing of international content in Hindi in our are full selection of voice artists and dubbing processes."
Firangi will be showcasing "fresh", "contemporary" and "bold content." The serials will end in 6-8 months. "It will be a lot more pacier," says Chakrabarti.
On weekends the channel will air mini series and movies. On the first weekend Firangi will show mini series called Dolmen.
Dolmen will air in two parts on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 pm.