Vand analizor spectru Promax MC-577 PROMAX MC-577.

TV and Satellite Analog/Digital Signal Level Meter,
Spectrum Analyzer with B&W Video Monitor

  • Tuning:
    • Low VHF: 48.25 - 168.25 MHz
    • High VHF: 175.25 - 447.25 MHz
    • UHF: 455.25 - 855.25 MHz
    • Satellite IF: 950 - 2150 MHz
  • One RF input for all frequency bands
  • High resolution spectrum analyzer
  • Multi-standard analog video demodulation
  • Measures Analog/Digital Power
  • Built-in speaker for demodulated audio
  • LNB Power with switchable 22 kHz signal
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
Level Meter for Analogue and Digital TVTuning: Terrestrial 45-862 MHz, Satellite 950-2150MHz
One RF imput for both Terrestrial and Satellite
High Resolution Spectrum
Analogue audio/video modulation
Battery charge from mains or car lighter (cable included)

Cam astea ar fi specificatiile de pe pagina producatorului.
Analizor de spectru satelit si tv terestru.

Pret: 2000 euro.