Eutelsat presented its latest financial numbers on Valentine’s Day. The company says it is now transmitting more than 3000 TV channels.

All of the key financial metrics were in extremely positive territory at Eutelsat. Its first-half numbers (to Dec 31) saw continued revenue growth of 6.3% (from €415m to 429.4m) when compared to the same period a year ago. The satellite operator’s all-important EBITDA margin grew 1.9% to 81.3%, helping drive net income up 18.5% to €94.7m. This, claims Eutelsat, is the highest margin amongst the "big three" operators (Intelsat, SES and Eutelsat).
CEO Giuliano Berretta told analysts that the satellite operator was now beginning to benefit from some key decisions made in the past. For example, the development of new – and stronger – video neighbourhood, other than Eutelsat’s flagship ‘Hot Bird’ spot. The Hot Bird fleet at 13 deg East is now carrying 1141 channels (1082 last year), an impressive number by any measure, but some of its newer orbital positions are also showing a healthy number of clients and channels. These have helped push video application-based revenues up 10.2%.
HDTV is also in good shape on Eutelsat with various operators showing a total (spread over the fleet) of 31 high-def channels “driven by Poland, Turkey and Russia,” says Eutelsat.
All satellite operators set considerable store by their contract backlog. Surprisingly Eutelsat’s has fallen this past year, by €200m from €3.8bn to €3.6bn. Also in negative territory and showing a fall is the operator’s “Data & Value Added Services” revenue segment that fell from €81.6m to €75m. However, Eutelsat say that Data Services themselves grew by 13.6% in the half year, helped by 2413 new D-Star broadband terminals being supplied during the full year to Dec 31. Overall, income from video transponder leasing more than compensated for these losses, up from €289.8m to €319.3m.