yet another channel from the NDTV family called 'NDTV METRONATION'- a ch dedicated to Delhi and NCR has been officially launched. Shocking that we have never had the opportunity to even take a glimpse of the ch. Heres some info about it.
NDTV has formally announced the launch of NDTV MetroNation, the country’s first city channel in English. NDTV MetroNation gives Delhi and the NCR a high-end 24-hour channel that will cover breaking news and provide user-friendly information on where to shop, what to eat and how to work out. Sanjay Nigam, CEO, NDTV MetroNation, says, “Delhi is evolving at a break-neck speed and yet there is no English channel catering exclusively to this vibrant city. NDTV MetroNation will broadcast the non-stop action of Delhi with our young, new and dynamic team of reporters and anchors. The channel will work with our viewers to fight for a city we love. It will showcase the modern Delhi life and the change it is forcing.” NDTV MetroNation pioneers yet another broadcasting benchmark. With its USP of ‘Starring Delhi, Every Second, Every Day’, the channel will be highly interactive with the MetroNation Bus, the MetroNation Taxi and the MetroNation Helicopter to enable citywide coverage.
For the first time, a channel will operate not out of a studio, but out of a bus, the MetroNation Bus. The customised all-glass MetroNation Bus will move across Delhi as the anchors report the latest news from different locations with guests hopping on for brainstorming sessions. A fleet of MetroNation Taxis will move around the city to interact with people, gathering their thoughts and opinions, which will be broadcast live on the channel. The channel will also provide live feeds of traffic reports every 20 minutes, with the help of the Delhi-Heli shot, as the MetroNation Chopper shoots aerial pictures of key parts of the city. Designed as a highly interactive channel, NDTV MetroNation will partner with the top schools of Delhi for a weekly show called ‘I Spy with My Digital Eye’. The show will feature students from different schools with NDTV cameras reporting stories for NDTV. The channel will also offer a show, aptly called ‘This Delhi Life’, which will let Delhiites speak their minds and have anchors and experts explore the issues faced by the common man in Delhi. Infotainment shows like ‘Let’s Go Delhi’ will come loaded with entertainment, lifestyle and other tips in three-hour bands (in the morning and evening prime time) and will guide willing denizens around the NCR. ‘A Hipster’s Guide to Delhi’ will focus on the places frequented by Delhi’s movers and shakers and what they do there.