I am a newbie with satellites, but i have a Victory AF1700E receiver and i am looking for help from experienced members. My main goal is to watch Milan channel on my satellite. On the receiver i have alredy added the Channel
New frequency for Milan Channel: 12418.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:11730 PID:170/442 Italian- VideoGuard).
But it is locked and i dont know how to unlock it. So far i have unlocked channels like Premiere and similar with updating keys, but i cant get this channel to work. Where can i find key for this channel so it will work or what is the best way to get this channel working.
I really want to watch this channel, so if anyone can help me, i would really apriciate it.
I`ve read Milan Channel is part of Italian SKY Italy package, but dont know what does this exactly mean.

Looking forward on your replies,