BFBS Radio starts trial on DAB in UK
Saturday, January 12th, 2008

For the first time in its 65-year history, BFBS Radio is available across the United Kingdom. Starting at midnight tonight, BFBS is launching a trial on DAB Digital Radio across Great Britain, in addition to FM and AM services in Northern Ireland.

This completes the link, says BFBS Radio’s Controller, Charles Foster: “Although we’ve been serving the British Forces community around the world for 65 years, we have relied on occasional links with the BBC and commercial stations or, more recently, Sky Channel 0211 and the Internet, to keep the Forces and their families and friends at home in the picture. Now, we can provide radio programmes and messages that can be heard by Corporal Smith in Iraq, his wife in Germany and his mum in the UK - all at the same time. It’s total connectivity and DAB digital radio prices start at under Ł30. If this trial produces the results we hope to see, it will be brilliant news for the British Forces.”

Quentin Howard, Chief Executive of Digital One (the national commercial digital radio network broadcasting BFBS Radio to Great Britain) says: “We are delighted to be helping to connect British Forces personnel, their families and other listeners across the country who may share past and present links with the Forces. If this trial of BFBS Radio proves popular and successful we would hope to be able to make this permanent.”

The trial has been made possible by the closure today of two services that had been broadcasting on Digital One: The GCap station Core, and the talk station Oneword.

(Source: BFBS)