Hi All,
This text was found on a German web site today, translated into English using Google translater.

Any ideas?

****** 2 Hacked: gamma system completely open
[Mc] On weekend hackers have the encryption ****** 2 completely cracked. This should not be long before the first emulators arise.

Hackers have managed to complete the gamma-operating ****** 2 from it. The dump, it is the reading of such data in hacker circles, extends to the ****** 2-Smartcards versions 4 and 5, which are currently in circulation. Thus, it is only a matter of time before it Hacker Smartcards appropriate patches and for set-top boxes which will give infamous emulators.

Any response from ****** experts expect only limited chances. The dump of the entire gamma system are also the so-called Rom, in which data is stored long-term, well known. When Nagra hack, it was a Rom, whose dump that caused that to this day premiere illegally received.

****** 2, inter alia, by the Dutch pay-TV provider Canal Digitaal Satellite to 19.2 degrees East used the system introduced at the end of 2003. At 13 degrees East, it will also by the Greek Bezahlsender Nova and several sex channels. DIGITAL TELEVISION explicitly points out that the bypassing of encryption systems is a criminal offence.