"Trojan 2.0" uses Social-networking sites that control Botnetzen

The security company Finjan warns on its Web Security Trends Report "in front of a Trojan-generation" Trojan 2.0 ". Their botnets would be popular on servers and Social-networking sites, and not as usual using IRC or IRC controlled via HTTP. "Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated: They combine different services to the infection rate to increase," says Finjan-CTO Yuval Ben-Itzhak.

The new method involves the PCs, for example, have a I-frame on an infected site. The attacker then uses a so-called "Command & Control" servers to its instructions to infected computers to send. They can, for example, on servers as a blog post will be placed.

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In addition, the Trojans RSS-Feed-Reader like Google Reader so that new postings of their authors collected. The infected computers, received so aware of new instructions and collect them. The collected data will then Web-2.0-Seiten stored. According to Eweek could Social-networking sites in the sequence under reduced confidence of users suffer.