Duolabs ne pregateste o surpriza:un minireceptor cu linux onboard,cam diablo integrata,tuner sat si DTT si hard disk de 2,5" la un pret de circa 250€.
Qbox is the name of the set top box and it is really something of new; it is a linux based decoder powered from the chip ibm 2500 250 Mhz kernel 2.6.17- external alimentation 12 volt and with size of 6 x 23 x 15 cm(it is really very small).

The box own a lot of extra features comparated to the competitors like DB 500-600 Ipbox or other STB linux based:
1)wireless integrated
2)internal hd 2,5
3)Sharp tuner blind scan
4)twin tuner dtt dvb
5)diablo inside(compatible the Diablo emulator support)so you don't need anymore to update the VAR-Key with a ftp program...you will be able to update the Diablo emulator with a specific file from Stealth team using USB-Wireless-or Ethernet
7)enigma osd
recording with an external USB disk
9)3 usb ( one in front panel for fast connection to media usb, one on the back panel for external HD , and a mini usb for connection with a pc)
2 card readers
11)streaming delayer
12)2 scart (one can be used like component)and 1 rca
13)safe boot memory (you can't damage the bootloader)

The box will be on the market next January for a price around 250 Euro

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