Switzerland launches HDTV service
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

The SRG High Definition broadcasting service launched in Switzerland on Monday. Three language services are provided by SRG on consecutive days in the evenings, and in the day-time there are ‘mountain views’ of Switzerland, which well illustrate the potential of HDTV. The SRG broadcasts use a format called 720p/50, which EBU-led tests have shown provides the highest HDTV picture quality in the home.

Armin Walpin, Director General of SRG SSR idée suisse commented: “HDTV is the television of the future. HD suisse provides viewers with the best in image and sound quality. HD suisse also gives our other channels the possibility to prepare themselves progressively for the broadcast of their own programmes in HD quality around 2012.”

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(Source: European Broadcasting Union)