ANRCTI, ITU open fixed-line frequencies to provide mobile services

ANRCTI, the Romanian telecoms regulator, has announced that it is opening up the 3400 - 3600 Mhz band for the provision of mobile services.

Currently, this frequency is used to provide fixed-line services – particularly internet services.

This announcement was made following the World Radiocommunication Conference that took place in Geneva from 22 October thru 16 November. The conference, organised by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), focused on the identification of new spectrum resources for mobile services such as broadband multimedia applications.

Participants in the conference decided that the 3400 - 3600 Mhz frequency should be used for mobile communications.

Romania is a full member of ITU and is present in the ITU council. ANRCTI and MCTI implement the decisions issued by ITU.

(Source: Digital Media Europe)