Digital Tv has been introduce in France in Aprail 1996, with the launche of Disgital Pay Tv service Canal Satellite (1993 in analog mode). 2 competitor to Canal satellite,also operating a satellite service, entered in the market in the end of 1996

TPS mean "Television Par Satellite"
AB Sat "a service operated by AB Production, A television Production independent company

Canal+ & Canal Satellite transmit from a Astra Satellite; TPS operates from an Eutelsat/Hotbird Satellite.AB Sat transmits a different package on each of the two satellites.

Canal+ is a very strong competitor of TPS @ present as regard movies rights.Neverthe less, digital packages also drives new offers in the nation market.Each of the three major satellite packages offers the full range of thematic channels ( movies, Childern, documentaries, music, sports etc). Most of the channels are exclusive to one satellite package, with few exceptions for example Eurosoprts it is a subsidiary of both Canal+ and TF1 (a shareholder of TPS) is proposed by two bouquets

Name: AB SAT
Date of launch: December 1996
Share Holders: MMP 50% : C.Berda 40% : J-L Azoulaz 10%

Name: Canal+
Date of launch: 1984 Analog- terrestrial
1996 Digital-Satellite and Cable
Share Holders: Vivendi

Name: Canal Satellite
Date of Launche: April 1996 in Digital Services
Share Holders: Canal+ 63% ; Pathe 18% ; Generale Des Eaux 9% ; Time Warn 10%

Name: Television Par Satellite in other words TPS
Date Of Launch: December 1996
Share Holders: TF1 25% ; France Television & France Telecom 25% ;M6 20% ; CLT 20% ; Lyonnaise Communications 10%

Name: France Telecom Cable
Date Of Launche: 1997 Digital service
Share Holders: France Telecom 100%

Name: Lyonnaise cable
Date Of Launch: 1997 Digital Services
Share Holders: Lyonnaise Communications : 77% Lyonnaise Des Eaux ; France Telecom Cable 17% ; US West 6%

Name: NC Numericable
Date Of Launch: May 1997 digital service
Share Holders: Canal+ 85% ; general Des Eaus 15%

This was a little about Franch channels and DTH in Asia we have Dish TV and Tata Sky which are providing excellent channels to the viewers with very powerful securities like Conax, media Guard 2 and NDS/ Videoguard we can say Asia is also progressing forward in this field.and i have hurd by some of the people that soon in Pakistan Wateen and PTCL also want to start the DTH but i personally feel they will start the DTH in Pakistan after 30 to 40 years when our childs will be of our age.and also it is a big issue for Pakistani DTH that which kind of security level they selected for the DTH? Conax, Power VU, or NDS etc are very expensive...

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