Topfield PVR5500 vs. Kaon KVR1000 Plus======================================Who's number one? I was asking myself this when , a month ago wanted to buy the most advanced digital sat/pvr on the market. I was tented to choose Topfield 5500PVR, until I discovered Kaon KVR 1000 Plus, which seemed by far the most advanced. Living in Sweden, I ordered it in Germany. I was impressed by it, until, after few days and becaming more acquainted with KVR 1000 Plus, I started to "discover" unnumbered bugs. Please read my posts on the Kaon Germany/Austria distributor site: As I could see here, Topfield is more receptive to critics and tried to improve in a reasonable time new discovered bugs. That's not the case with Kaon. Arrogancy and total ignore of customer, that is Kaon. So, for any sat enthusiast like I am, I WARN YOU FOR BUYING Kaon KVR 1000 Plus! It's a great hi-tech receiever, WHEN IT FUNCTIONS ok Otherwise, a lot of frustration and headaches! Thinking Kaon KVR 1000 Plus is the most expensive pvr on the market (top high-end), IT'S A REAL SHAME FOR KAON MEDIA! Perhaps, Topfield will release something better and more advanced! And knowing the whole different attitude of Topfield and its distributors toward customers, I would gladly exchange my Kaon KVR 1000 Plus for the latest Topfield!Kaon Media - typical unserious company======================================That' s the way you're doing business today: pay bribes to the German Magazine Tele-Satellite and its reviewers, a fancy new "revolutionary product" review is "published, then you can sell a beta non-stable and unfinished product, made in few months some million $, ignore customers complains and then ...just f-u-c-k the "poor stupid consumer" who get busted. Sorry, but this is the South Koreean company Kaon Media! Solution? German and French customers, SUE the Kaon distributor in your country to your National Consumer Board. I did the same thing few years ago with the giant Nokia and their buggy Media Master 9800S, here in Sweden. I won and Nokia DID RELEASED a much better improved and almost bug-free new firmware...2 years after their "latest" release before ignoring the "poor consumer". KVR-1000 Plus - stay away from it!=======================================I own also a Kaon KVR-1000 Plus since october 2004 when it appeared, I was a true sathelite enthusiast who invested in this promised high-end receiver.Today, after 3 years, I'm totally disappointed and regret the spent money in a praised high-end receiver, now, TOTALLY ABANDONED by Kaonmedia South Korea,its developer and producer. Since september 2005 no longer an updated firmware, the last one, v12 is still full of severe bugs.It seems to be the policy of Kaonmedia to release and make a lot of advertisement to their products, which soon become abandoned, no longer supported, and sold as unfinished-betas, to naive and enthusiasts which then regret deeply they trusted Kaonmedia.It's a shame for Kaonmedia to do business like that! Or this is the new strategy of selling!?I regret my money invested in KVR-1000 Plus (it was 1000 Euro) and can only say to anyone: stay away from Kaon "praised" high-end products - they are only buggy betas sold to naive enthusiasts like me.It's a big rip-off!Kaonmedia support is inexistent, and in 1 year, your high-end product is totally abandoned!What a difference compared to Dream Multimedia DreamBox: even after years, full support and you never feel yourself cheated and abandoned. Shame on you, Kaonmedia South Korea!These were some links where I published my complains regarding the support for Kaon KVR 1000, most links are dead, because Kaon Company South Koreea made pressure on the owners/companies running these satellite related forums to erase/delete my critical posts about Kaon KVR 1000 Plus.More details: 1. the firmware v12 dated 29-092005 is still very buggy, not accepting but a few HDDs, compared to the flexibility of DreamBox when it comes to accepted HDDs, Kaon KVR 1000 Plus is a JOKE and a CATASTROPHY! Even "accepted" HDDs became from time to time "lost" and dissapear from menus. The spinn-off time of the hdd - promised, is not respected and hdd spins for hours despite lack of activity and becomes very hot until is auto-shut-down by its own protection.2. After pressing a button on remote, OSD remains ON and you need to manually make it diassapear!3. Already made records on internal hdd, from time to time lose their names and become re-renamed to old style 8-characters DOS style name and no longer playable.4. From time to time, when starting the receiver, you get the message "No channels" and you had to restart/or worse - factory reset the receiver.5. Kaon KVR 1000 own channel editor from time to time no longer initialize the COM port and you can no longer communicate with your receiver, despite using another channeleditor (W Litzinger SetEdit for Kaon KVR 1000) works flawlessy without problems!You can mail to following email addresses at Kaon South Koreea:[email protected] [email protected]@kaonmed...kaonmedia.comMy first problems with Kaon KVR 1000 Plus started in november 2004, one month after ordering it from HM-Sat in Germany. I returned the receiver to HM-Sat for reparation. I got it back "repaired on paper", with lossy and flying screws inside and same problems - that showed how serious was service at HM-Sat in Germany!I decided to make public my problems on the forums named above, among others:, Satdudez, Topfield Asia-Pacific-Australia, and other known satellite forums. I also mailed to Kaon South Korea. After few hours I received a direct phone call from Kaon South Korea - Mr. Do Hong Kwon (Kaon engineer who was in charge of development of KVR-1000 Plus) who apologized for what happened and mailed me simultanously. He promised me that Kaon South Koreea will send to me a new receiver by DHL Express, and asked me to make a "positive" advertisement and image to Kaon products after this, but not to name the direct contact he had with me, it was 2004-11-10. I still have the mails. Next day, less than 24 hours after this call, DHL brought to my door a completely new KVR 1000 Plus!Mr. Do Hong Kwon also promised that Kaon will improve the existent firmware v12 and eeliminate the bugs. I waited and waited - NOTHING since then.Today is 16-11-2007. Nothing yet from kaon South Koreea.Conclusion: never more trust luxury or "pioneer" products from Kaon Media South Koreea, neither "paid lying articles" in german Tele-Satellite or Dr. Dish TV, whwere they never show the less pleasant sides of presented products!Kaon KVR 1000 Plus still have a much better hardware than any other receiver on the market, but with a BETA BUGGY UNFINISHED Firmware is useless and pity!Kaon did not want to release the sources of the firmware, so that programmers and enthusiasts should improve and correct the bugs (like DreamMultimedia made with its famous DreamBox).That is why I repeat again: don't buy Kaon KVR 1000 Plus or other newer luxury high-end from Kaon Media South Koreea. Their support is unexistent, their distributors in Europe are not either capable of servicing the receiver and you remain with an expensive BUGGY and FULL OF ERRORS satellite receiver, which performs and offer the same functionality as a much cheaper 200 Euro receiver - but still with bugs and errors. You'll deeply cry for your wasted 1000 Euro! Pity! Better buy any other cheap under 200 Euro receiver or a DreamBox, it's a much much better and long-time worth investment!