Idee revolutionara: "HDTV UHF Satellite signals possible in the near future"
Thursday, 08 November 2007

Dutch satellite magazine TVSatellite reports about this revolutionary idea. This system is quite cost-effective, because it doesn't need expensive UHF/Relay transmitters/antenna's.

This means satellites will be used to use the existing (old) UHF frequencies. In some countries like the Netherlands these UHF frequencies could already be used for digital HDTV signals, because the Netherlands did switched completely to Digital TV (DVB-T) Existing UHF antenna's who were used to receive analogue TV signals can be used to receive the HDTV signal from the satellite(s)

The coding which would be used will be 16QAM, instead of the existing 64QAM which is used by DVB-T. This delivers an 18 Mpbs datastream for each multiplex.

The existing Inmarsat could be used to transmit these HDTV signals, but in the near future other satellites are planned which are more efficient, regarding the beam & interference.

(Source: Dutch-TVSatellite )