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    here you go again opening another one of your infamous threads.
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    If our friend wants to post links to "only he knows where" perhaps he should also give a detailled discription of what the links do.

    Simply saying Fortec software, is not very specific, differant software will not always be usable on differant Fortec models, in fact it can be quite dangerous to load "just anything" into a receiver.

    Perhaps our friend should, be more specific, with his links, that he continually inflicks on people, and tell us exactly what software he is posting, What receivers it works on, What bootloader is required, and what advantage the software is over the stuff your going to replace.

    It's not going to happen of cause, because our "Link Posting Friend" does not have a bloody clue what he is posting or how it can be applied.
    regards from OZ bassett

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    Rakhshanda wants to promote his/her name ,,,whereas he/she is having many IDs in RDI like Qamar,mirani123 ets.This member is spoiling his/her image,,,he/she should feel "something" and should stop doing nonsense
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    Hello Friends,

    Just the Copycat



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