The “Satellite NOW” campaign recently kicked off in large parts of
Europe. The campaign is an initiative from SES and targets retailers.
The purpose is to increase knowledge about reception of satellite TV,radio and broadband services among retailers and consumers. In May SES SIRIUS started the campaign in Romania together with one of its customers, MaxTV.

The purpose of the campaign is to showcase the advantages of satellite-based services compared with other distribution forms such as cable and terrestrial networks.
Now that digitalisation of the terrestrial network is beginning in many
countries, it is important that retailers let consumers know that if they choose satellite they will get access to a large number of channels, superior picture and sound quality, and the potential to receive material in future formats such as High Definition TV (HDTV). One long-term objective is of course to increase the number of households with satellite reception. Several countries in Europe will participate in the campaign,
including Spain and Germany. The distributors in each country that succeed in selling the most subscriptions can look forward to several exciting prizes.
One of the people responsible for the European campaign is Lena Johansson, Market Communications Manager at SES ASTRA. She says:
“It will be extremely interesting to see how the campaign takes shape all over Europe. We believe that the exchange of information among participants will be a natural part of the campaign. The various models and other differences among the countries will add a dimension to the campaign that is new for most of the participants.
We hope it will give rise to additional ideas on how we can ensure that everyone sees the advantages of satellite.
“It’s great that we’ve also been able to get Romania involved through SES SIRIUS and MaxTV.
SES SIRIUS has chosen to launch the campaign in Romania together with one of its customers, MaxTV. The campaign will be integrated into MaxTV’s existing activities in the region.
“The campaign in Romania began in early May in conjunction with a meeting for distributors arranged by MaxTV by the Black Sea,” says Anna-Karin Modigh, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, at SES SIRIUS. “We believe that the campaign is an excellent way to showcase the advantages of satellite. After all it’s through the retailers that customers make their choice.”
The campaign will continue until the beginning of 2008. The contest for retailers will end in December this year. First prize is astronaut training in Orlando, Florida. There will also be a bonus prize. The bonus prize winner and companion will attend a satellite launch during 2008.