EMU: evocamd 2.17

"Added new p2p newcs protokoll client.
Just ecm for the moment , use the newcamd login to emm your cards.
You have to start by creating your own self-signed Certificate, this can be done with this command on a machine that has openssl installed:
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out feynman.pem -keyout feynman.pem
or you can create a certificate on a online site, there is some that creates self-signed certificates.
Place it in /var/keys. Rework the feynman.cfg to your needs( user and pass how you added in newcs), place it in /var/keys and enjoy the new p2p proto.
example of feynman.cfg:
- feynman://duffy[email protected]:12345
Some other improvements...

# share Mode
# 00 Pure emu
# 01 Pure emu
# 02 Pure emu
# 03 alle network clients
# 04 newcamd share
# 05 radegast share
# 06 camd35 share(not in use)
# 08 Feynman
# 12 Feynman + Newcamd
G: { 03 }

Some other improvements..."
2.-- Feynman Protocol ------- --- -- - - -

Feynman is a protocol written by us, it can handle multiple cards over one port, EMM, ECM - handle SIDS on both sides. It provides simple functions, so
client and server developers can think about other important stuff
We hope that this will be the new "standard" in the sat hobby - like newcamd has been in the past few years
Newcamd has been a great protocol, but it has its limitations - and we hope to phase out newcamd (and radegast) in the next major version of NewCS.

Would be nice if someone could make a sourceforge project, or some other opensource project site.
PLEASE, we give this as opensource, please keep it that way
Feedback is appriciated, hope someone will take this as a project to improve and nurse
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