Great news! We are finally back with a new image, The Third Challenge. This time we have many new improvements in store for you. The most obvious one is that we have now moved to the OpenEmbedded 1.5 version with the new flash file system...this gives you around 8MB free flash after install! Great work DMM!

There are many totally new features as well as many small bug fixes and updates. This list will summarize some of our changes:
New built in addons for:
- HDD-Info
- New LTMoviePlayer!
- Weatherman
- Inadyn

Some of the major changes include:
- New skin, the amazing GlassLine by Nemesis!
- Selectable "Permanent Clock"
- New remote shortcuts: Shutdown-Menu (long holding Shutdown-Button), LTMoviePlayer (long holding Video-Button) and LTMenu (long holding Blue-Button)
- Swap & Disable (PiP)
- Picons: A new mode for using the ServiceID rather than using a name lookup. Selectable in config...
- Orbital position of satellite in advanced infobar.
- ECM labels in advanced infobar
- New updated version of Stream2Dream v1.7 (with autostart-function and other changes)
- Configurable "epg.dat" location.
- Configurable own download server.
- LT Menus now visible on the LCD.
- LCD-Skin can be controlled by the skin
- Made a recording-Label that will blink while recording on the LCD (configureable in the LT-Configurations-Menu)
- Configurable enable/disable Zap-Errors
- Much much more small details changed and improved...why not try it out?

Information for the geeky Dreamer:

LT TC is OE 1.5 based.
* CVS from 2007-10-23
* Enigma2, activated MHW EPG.
* Enigma2, added .recording patch
* Enigma2, added LT Menu patch
* Enigma2, Multibouqet activated by default
* Enigma2, activated YUV
* Enigma2, HDD sleep default to 1 minute
* Enigma2, Nemesis.GlassLine is default skin
* Enigma2, Show Infobar on Eventupdate default off
* Enigma2, Show dishmove default on
* Change ipkg update/upgrade website. Update function is now online.
* Remove joe, mc, dccamd and enigma2-skins from the image to free up some space, even now when it is not needed.
* Create directories in /usr for scripts also linked from /var to diretcories in /usr
* Full busybox 1.01
* Upgrade files to more recent in tuxbox.
* Samba fixes, add missing printcap file and added / to the shares (be careful).
* vstfpd now have 644 as default file permission.
* LT Bootlogo
* LT Menu
* Added nano
* Latest drivers (20071007) and FP 7 and bootloader 51.
* Load CIFS at boot if installed (which it is default).
* Load NFSD at boot if installed.
* Update only transponderdata in satellites.xml when building image.
* USB printer support (experimental)
* OpenVPN support (experimental)

Well...there has been a lot of changes, most of them are coming from your requests and great ideas. Please keep them coming and keep us busy in the team...

Have fun...and don't forget...this release needs a CLEAN FLASH INSTALL, nothing else is supported nor tested!

Happy Dreaming!

LT The Third Challenge for DM7025