Plugins-Addons: MicroCron Script to restart with time intervals by @franzjuve

Due to instability of some emus we may need to restart it time to time.
Here is a small script which may handle 2 commands you may increase it easily)
with Hrs or Mins interval

To use:
- copy to /var/bin
- chmod 755
To start:
use telnet command /var/bin/ H 5 "var/script/ restart" & for Gemini-Every 5 Hrs from starting will execute restart.) Attention to quotes around command argument)
To restart every 10 mins the command line should look like:
/var/bin/ M 10 "var/script/ restart" &
H and M are case sensitive
or edit your cam script as above
To stop:touch /tmp/mcr.kill

Hope you'll find usefull
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