G & Y Line


G and Y line is very simple but can make u live much better

A standart g line is:

G: { 17020000 ABCD }

This means the BoxID ABCD is prever for provider 17020000 (Premiere Sat).
Its interest for Boxids ther are often pay for special events.....
Also interest is that when u have a x5 and u have eg 7 G lines from one provider u get it 7 times (when all are online). so u can get a small x value for all providers and get a higher value for special providers.

the y line blocks Boxids.

Y: { AB CD }

In this case the boxid ABCD will be blocked. Interest when u have freezers or fake cards form a special boxid. u can also block level 0 share.

u see the boxid in the ecm info as prov:ABCD. when u have a plugin for gbox (find here in the forum) its very easy to find the boxid.