As many of you know that after putting a Power Pass splitter on the the LNB line coming off the Satellite dish, the Angelbox's power supply died, and it had to be sent out for repairs.It is now on its way home by train.We cannot wait to get our hands on it, because except for my wife, who will watch Thai TV,the rest of us have done without. Before I pull it out of the box and rush to hook it up,I would like some advise on checking the Sat. dish components so that the AB doesn't have to make a quick round trip ,should something cause the power supply to go out again. The dish is 7.5M,I,ve taken the cone out to look inside,it has 2 LNB's in it one C,one KU.A DiSEqC switch with C going into 1 and KU going into 2,the LNB cable coming out of the single outlet at the bottom.There is nothing tying the switch in place,its only stuffed inside the cone.Are these switches insulated?Should I change it to be on the safe side?Can it even cause any damage? Also where I had spliced and hooked up the Power Pass switch,I took the switch out and hooked the line back up with screw on straight connectors.I can see in them and I know there is insulation for the copper wire,but I tapped it up anyways to be on the safe side,and to increase protection from the metal support pole.All advice will be welcome.what I described is all there is to the set up except the line runs into the attic crawl space and comes down into the house through the ceiling to the box.Haven't been in there,and don't really want to go.