I need some help to understand from where some keys are coming once you have a card dump. I need this exercise in order to figure out other provider with the same card and encryption.
A softcam key for TV Cabo has this info:

N 4801 00 187A2C799B24FF396FF6A1E144501D66 ;Tv Cabo N2
  N 4801 01 D788CCB708A4D48DB264F14A933E58A7 ;Tv Cabo N2
  N 4801 02 636269C7AB7BF930C0A352C4F718D46E
  N 4801 M1 F35183AA9B3CF4147DA9201E16FB44857366C15C035EFB87CB62112823624F5011F556935E4F987A7A89748F3B9D48CCB1ADCD2FEFF9F4D4452CFB521D496186 ;
  N 4801 M2 A993436BECFC7AE2BBF44D00C36BA7F96479A55CE8B6D8C0BAE2CDBF02B02C02DB88D7D3A6D019C18E0FFF7FA3AA890E9229025413CA8C160A826C9E173D82688B4D33787F597D409805987E1AF704FA82617F4F6C14D643EA58FA54A4EF0880;
  N 4801 X1 03;
  N 4901 00 187A2C799B24FF396FF6A1E144501D66 ;Tv Cabo N2 
  N 4901 01 D788CCB708A4D48DB264F14A933E58A7 ;Tv Cabo N2 
  N 4901 02 57685858ED628207769DB81882AD75B1
  N 4901 M1
  F35183AA9B3CF4147DA9201E16FB44857366C15C035EFB87CB62112823624F5011F556935E4F987A7A89748F3B9D48CCB1ADCD2FEFF9F4D4452CFB521D496186 ;
  N 4901 M2 4FCE0C37E3F508C4782B16E957E213898FDA7174DF5A738A9A25AE7F0D8484944B9613CFF2F6701A765C36B2041DD918F3D8D5DA4774B54639A664E72B36CC53F81EC02FE18A0098AE1783DCC132A7ACB981386AABC1D34CEFAB27A3A68F53AE;
  N 4901 X1 03;
In a A000 dump for a ROM110 –TV Cabo - I can find this key:
Ikey EMM-G to match N 4801 02 and N 4901 02

I am not able to match the M1 or M2 keys. I can see other keys in the dump like “modulo RSA EMM-S, modulo RSA EMM-G, Ikey firma EMM-G, Ikey EMM-U, etc”.
I believe from these keys I can create M1 and M2 keys, but how? Can somebody explain? Do I need a special procedure to figure them out or it is something else?