hello everyone!
I have a receiver POWERSKY 15000 Multi... running ARION $ASCA 657951S150ECnc / Database= 00008209 / Boot= 0016.1(AscS 150 Ec)
I Basically don't know anything as to how to update it WHICH SOFTWARE to update it with and HOW TO DO IT...like using flashFXP+ RS232+STEPS ON HOW TO FLASH AND FURTHER EDIT MODIFY FILES....
i have been looking at all forums but as i dont know WHICH software to use I am hence stuck...for eg i go to www.satdw.com but i dont know which software as my reciever's name etc not there ?/
Please will be grateful for your help. Also with this reciever and HOPEFULLY after having an update & patch.. will it be possible to watch ******2 encrypted channels or which encrryptions is this currently opening?
and lastly... is there ANY DIFFERENCE in what can be opened in this reciever or lets say a Dreambox / Innovative/ or even Technomate?
again will be gratful if anyone can help