EnigmaTools 1.0 Beta 11

This a Complete new version, please delete old ini file or unrar into a new empty folder.

Structure of dirs:
/ -> root dir for enigmaTools (where you want: ex: c:\Dream\Enigmatools)
/lang -> Base dir for multilanguage files (ex: c:\Dream\Enigmatools\lang)
/picon -> Base dir for channels picons (ex: c:\Dream\Enigmatools\picon)

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1.0 Beta 11 (30_08_2007)

* Multi-language implemented
* Mulit-User Profiles
* edit/delete/add Timers
* Run only once time
* Version check on internet
* Bug on atack.txt into emu/gbox
* Sound Volume reset on zap fixed
* Add reboot function into telnet page
* Enigma Infos added
* Video Stream informations added
* Some Little bugs corrected

1.0 Beta 9 (09_07_2007)

* Channels tree is ok for tv & radio
* Adding Video Options: Mute,Volume+-, Fullscreen, full Epg, Record (For recording, don't forget to put destination folder into wizard.)
* Timers - Read of Recording timers
* Some Little bugs corrected

1.0 Beta 5 (02_07_2007)
First Public Version of Enigma tools

* Channels tree is ok but only tv favorites for now
* Video streaming ok from dreambox to pc (no options for now)
* Small epg ok (with picons)
* Remote controls use on pc (dreambox)
* LCD, screen and osd shoot ok (for dreambox)
* Telnet OK
* Upload/download of main config files for gbox
* gbox logger ok
* gbox share infos ok

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