CCTV-China to set up HDTV channel for Beijing Olympics
Friday, August 24th, 2007

China Central Television has announced its broadcasting plan for the upcoming Olympics. A new TV channel will be set up and new technologies will be used, including high-definition TV broadcasting. In China, seven national TV channels are scheduled to broadcast Olympics events, including four public channels, one high definition and two pay-TV channels.

An estimated 4,000 hours of live TV signal are needed for the 2008 Games. Chinese broadcasters will provide the signal for the opening and closing ceremonies and the torch relay. They will also provide part of the signal for some of the biggest sports, like football and basketball.

China’s major TV stations, Internet service providers and telecommunication companies have recently set up the New Media Union on Olympic Reporting. The union will use Internet portals, news websites and multimedia mobile phone services to make the Olympics available everywhere in the country, reports CCTV.

(Source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union)