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    Default fortecstar-ultimate

    on some fstars 5100diamond 1010 will open code menu you need the A17BAR s/w for this

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    1010 is the master password for all fortecstars.
    HP-Compaq DC5000 MT 1.5GB RAM
    Debian Squeeze with Smargos
    CCcam 2.1.4

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    code active 1010

    factory defult 1668


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    I don,t have an Ultimate, but i would think the prrocedure is the same on all fortec's Could be wrong..

    Anyway, here go's

    menu, right click two accross, down two, click "code" load password 1668,
    select encryption, click on encryption, right // left click provider key, if correct key not found , load new key with numbered buttons, When provider key loaded, one click down, load index key, followed my plain key using number pad and coloured buttons, when ALL keys loaded click on OK Store, do not forget this or all your work will be for nothing. OK store will flash, when loading is correct, exit, exit, exit.

    Enjoy your programs,, "ducky"
    regards from OZ bassett



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