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    Default Thread Hijacking and sleepy moderators

    It is apparent that most of the threads are hijacked and abandoned. This results the topic of the post becoming misleading. A classic example is found here.
    after 6 posts it is directed towards ST1 and still later nowhere.
    This makes the members task impossible.
    In this case if you want to know about ST1 you have to read the post on Dialogtv!
    Here is where moderators are required.
    If the post is inappropriate to the thread why not delete/warn/edit/put to a latapata bin.
    (Latapata bin is the most important folder in my computer where I put all irrelevant but should not delete files contain)
    I think the moderators should have some teeth too.
    Teeth removed-lazy and sleepy-thank you moderators will not help move the forum.
    Last edited by felicianf; 10th August 2007 at 06:30.
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    I totally agree with you.
    If you go by the thread heading you will be completely mislead and taken to a jungle.
    The best way is to do a search but that too will be a complicated task.
    The moment the post goes offtopic the moderators should warn him with a red notice.
    Otherwise this will be a jungle of knowledge.
    Thanks for putting the matter straight.

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    sorry to say;
    just like you visit the forum, do the mods too,
    they are not 24-7 on forum. not sleepy?
    see a misleading post- pm a mod and he'll correct.
    the forum is run by members, mods only do some
    tasks allowed by adm - it is some teeth tho.
    We dont have this latapata bin like in your comp
    but from that we will delete the unnecessary posts,
    wait to hear the hue and cry from members, we do
    value their options too.
    Its good you have pointed out we have heard.
    This is the first one to be locked since its not necessary,
    and we have heard enuf about modes already



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