Dutch regional broadcasters only via Astra 23.5 E from 1 September
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

The Dutch regional public broadcasters currently using the Astra 1 satellite at 19.2 degrees East will close that platform from 1 September, and will then be receivable only via the Astra 3 position at 23.5 degrees East. A campaign begins this week to help viewers with the switchover. Dual LNB’s for 19.2/23.5 East will be available for 39.95 - 59.95 euros.

The pay-TV operator Canal Digitaal Satelliet is also involved in the switchover campaign. It hopes to start a new thematic package via Astra 3 at the end of October, and later an HDTV service will be launched. Dutch public broadcaster NOS is also planning to put its own thematic channels on this satellite. Currently these are only available via digital cable.

Some regional broadcasters have told DutchMedia that the timing of the switchover is “unfortunate” as many people are away on vacation in August.

(Source: DutchMedia)